Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Window

There's nothing between me and the peak of the mountain. The snow covered pure white tops that seem to be embracing divinity. To get there would be a great feeling...

There's something between me and the world outside. Something stops me from going out and walking to the top. I know that it is cold outside. Its snowing. And the walk is not an easy task. Once up there I can simply close my eyes, tilt my head heavenwards and feel the cold wind against me trying to blow me away.

It cannot blow me away. The way up was rough and it has made me tough enough that I stand there as if on a rocky pedestal.

I would like to enjoy that feeling. But something stops me. Crystal clear water droplets are visible hanging in air as if from an invisible thread. They seem to be trickling down. But the scene in front of me is so clear that these droplets make me aware of something i am uncertain of. Something in between that I must unlock. Something I must open.

The feeling out there would be great. But how do i get it........

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