Monday, November 15, 2010

The silence of incomplete sentences

The silence of incomplete sentences

The sentence ended with three dots and not a single one...

Was it meant to end? Yes but no.

In conversations they are the counter parts of the profound silence that occurs when one needs to say a lot but would rather let the other one understand the muteness. The three dots simply signify a meaningful silence. It speaks with no words. It makes you think. What could it probably mean? It is like the silhouette of a woman behind a veil. It speaks of beauty but you never how beautiful it is unless you attempt to move the cover. Or like a man lying on the pavement. You never know whether he is drunk or dead until you go and shake him up.

How well you understand it depends on how well you get the nerve of the other person. A good communicator tells stories without actually telling them. Many novels , in the end, leave the fate of their protagonists to the imagination of the reader mainly for two purposes. One is that the reader feels more connected to the story told when he gets an opportunity to design a part of it for himself. The other is that the author has plans for a sequel.

The incompleteness speaks a lot. But... you know...:)

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