Thursday, August 26, 2010

Democracy, Dictatorship and Superman

A heated discussion was going on between the three sitting next to our table. They looked like the top executives of some company enjoying a small break. My friends were busy watching the TV that was playing some movie that I was not interested in. So I decided to take pleasure in overhearing the conversation taking place next to me.

"What we need is a dictator!",claimed the first speaker. "Not one like Hitler but a benevolent dictator. The History of India speaks of Golden Ages when the land was ruled by a King. The sole power who will rule the land. Not a mess like the one we are in now with the so called democratic government. The minority is suppressed, a lot of people have too much power and they do not know how to use it and its all a khichdi. A khichdi that is causing some severe indigestion", the speaker seemed to be too excited.

"You are looking it at the wrong way", countered the second person."If a dictator can be benevolent, why cannot the present system be made better. Citizens of the nation can have their say and there is a sense of equality around. History speaks of a number of dictators that the word itself has become synonymous to autocracy, oppression and tyranny. I believe that apathy can be a root cause for the failure of the system. People curse the system not realizing that they themselves are the system. No one single person is responsible for any kind of mess. That would be a situation in case of a dictator."

The third person, who looked the senior most amongst them, then said,"Maybe we should think of a system that has the merits of having a dictator and a democratic government. A balance between the two." A perfect answer, as expected from a man of his position. Neither there nor here.

But it set me thinking. A balance between the two. I stared at the TV screen with my mind trying to find a way out. And at the same time the answer came in front of me.

The lady in the movie (guess she was some reporter) was writing an article titled 'Why the world needs Superman'.

A balance between the two. A highly unrealistic situation. But with a highly realistic solution.

Superheroes like Superman can exist in any kind of government and bash up the bad and help the poor. There is always Batman to save Gotham city. In some terms, they are the dictators of the land. The government is for the people but it is run by Superman. He cannot be controlled by anyone but he controls the system. There is always the fear of the ---man around. But in the end people love them because they are good and right.

I laughed at this thought. The debate is to continue for a long time. And the answers provided by Marvel Comics are not possible. Back to square one.


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