Thursday, December 16, 2010

God with no names

‘Views on religion:’ asked my facebook profile update page. Being born into a Hindu family, the answer should obviously be Hindu. But Hinduism is a religion. Not my view on religion.

Man is supposed to be the most intelligent and superior living being on earth. The concept of God and religion, I believe, was made to make man realize the existence of a greater power/entity than him. Does such an entity or power exist?

Initially, elements of nature were worshipped to be divine. Sun, rain, fire and all. Then God was given the human form. Kings, Pharaohs, Saints were called God’s incarnations. Stories about his doings as a human came into place. Holy books were written. God was given a name. Thousands of names. Religions came into existence. Man was divided by these names. But God was still one. It is complicated.

God is supposed to be invisible and omnipresent. Yet we have idols and pictures of him. These are simply physical materials that project the imagination of man about a power, he gains support from, when required. When in need he calls out this power by a name. It is like man created God, he gave Him a name and now he uses it for his convenience. Is this inability to imagine or to understand?

God is a force, a feeling that inspires us. It is superior in the sense that it controls our mind, our thoughts and our actions. Holy books tell stories that should inspire us more than making us worship a picture. When in need, the feeling of hope that makes us overcome the situation is something divine inside us. We write our own destiny. The guiding light that leads us to our destiny is ignited by our own actions. Nobody makes us do it, we do it ourselves. The only relation with the divine is that it is the divine force inside you that pushes you and inspires your actions.

You need not perform rituals to invoke God’s blessings. You need to understand the clues and act accordingly to be in the right path. You must believe in yourself, be inspired and inspire the society and the divinity inside you will help you and make you happy. God is one. He is inside you. And better name him not.


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